The Pudding is a creative and commercial brand agency. We are people who work with insight, with passion and with people. We are collaborators. We are storytellers. We are local and global. There are many aspects to what we do, but all with one strong, clear focus: your business success. We create an impact that you see and feel. With The Pudding, comes the proof.


We get to know your brand from the inside out and the outside in. We learn what has meaning for your customers. Then we build big, purposeful plans to help you succeed. When we get this right, there is no wrong.

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Great creative excites. It changes brands, cultures and even people. It means we form emotional connections. The brand becomes part of our own story. At The Pudding, we create smart, meaningful, exciting work that is right for you and you alone.

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We create authentic experiences for your brand, that engage and delight, that have relevance to your audience. Across the many platforms, your message rings clear and true.

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Senior Team

  • Gillian Horan CEO & Chief Strategist
  • Niamh O' Connor Marketing Director
  • Eva Shortt Creative Lead
  • Luize Smith Project Co-Ordinator
  • Sandra Honan Communications Strategist
  • Anne-Marie Harrington Copywriter
  • Bobby Mitchell Designer
  • Kaylum Lally Developer
  • Derek Nolan Developer
  • John Bowman Multimedia Intern