All I want for 2018 is a kick-ass brand!

Are you ready for 2018? Are you clear on your brand objectives for the next 12 months? We put our senior team to the test by asking them for their top planning tips for 2018! If they only had one piece of advice for clients across the areas of strategy, creative and activation, what would it be? Let’s see if you agree…


Gillian Horan, CEO & Chief Brand Strategist
For me, it’s about clarity. Are you clear on who you are, why you’re different and where you want to go as a business? Your brand is your business and your business is your brand. Set those brand objectives! My top tip – often as CEO or Marketing Manager you might know your brand and what is it about, but does everyone in the company think the same? Do a brand DNA session. It is not only a fun session, it is one of the best things you could do for your brand in 2018.


Eva Shortt, Creative Lead
Invest in a brand language! By this I mean develop a brand bible which outlines the style of photography, topography, iconography, illustration and colour schemes that bring your brand to life. This will transform your marketing collateral. It will make it consistent and cohesive. In short, it will commercially differentiate your brand. The perception is often that by doing this you design yourself into a corner. It’s actually the opposite. A visual language allows you to be creative. And your clients and partner will love you.


Niamh O’Connor, Marketing Director
Don’t waste your marketing money! Align your marketing activities to your business growth targets. For example if you want 20% more revenue from the financial services sector in 2018, then spend your euros there! So many organisations miss this trick. It’s also critical to have a super clear view on what job titles will buy your product or service in 2018. You can never know enough about your customers! How is your brand relevant to them? What content will they love? What’s the best way to engage them? You need to nail this to drive revenue!

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