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Cogs & Marvel approached The Pudding as Green Light Events, an energetic events agency with clients such as Facebook and Google, who were about to embark on an expansion into the US. We conducted a brand audit and devised a brand strategy. It was established that the name Green Light Events was not communicating the brand’s greatest assets; the ability to be both a great logistical events company and a fantastic creative brand experience agency. Here in lay our design challenge, to create a brand identity that successfully reflected the reality of the agency.

We identified four key traits; bold, energetic, curious and creative. These traits were central to the brand strategy and played a vital role in our extensive planning workshops. Our process clearly identified a need to change the name. We examined what Green Light events did and how they did it. The name was the starting point for the design concept. We were heavily influenced by the contrasting strengths of the left and right brain and the idea that when the two come together something magical happens! And so, Cogs & Marvel was born.

The name, Cogs & Marvel, brings together these contrasting elements. The Cogs side of the operation is all about logistics, the nitty gritty, the exactitude of it all. While Marvel, like our right brain, is a more playful type, usually lost in big technicolour daydreams. Yet each needs the other and, when they get together, they spin fantasies into spectacular, meaning-rich realities.

Their visual identity called for a solution that could handle this robust yet delicate mix. A minimal, sleek typeface was chosen to represent the calculated and considered approach that Cogs & Marvel implement in all areas of business. The dynamic ampersand, linking the two, demands your attention and emphasises how this agency mix two opposing aspects with ease.

A bright and energetic colour palette was selected and within the left and right framework a visual language was created. Blocks of colour are paired with bold patterns and playful photography is aligned to create intriguing images. This left and right division while structured is extremely flexible and allows Cogs & Marvel to be curious within its visual identity and explore an endless amount of possibilities as the brand develops across different modes of application.

Copy has played an integral part in bringing the Cogs & Marvel story to life. The lively language has interpreted the concept into a brand narrative which emphasises the marrying of these two contrasting elements with a focus on the magical outcome.

The Pudding created a unique design that truly reflects an original brand strategy. We continue to partner with Cogs & Marvel ensuring that the brand lives and breathes its originality and creativity through every touch point. Since their rebrand Cogs & Marvel have been nominated for an EY Entrepreneur of The Year Award.

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