Do you love me?

Do you love me?

“Do You Love Me” is a 1962 hit single written by Motown CEO Berry Gordy, Jr. Are you already bopping along to it in your head?! Berry wrote with a band called The Temptations in mind to record it. The day he went to record it, he couldn’t find The Temptations at the recording studio. He instead ran into a band called The Contours. Wanting to release his “sure-fire hit” as soon as possible, he let The Contours record it!

Do you love your brand?

If Berry was your customer or one of your team, could he easily substitute your brand with that of your competitors? Is it clear to your potential customers why they should choose your brand over your competitors? One of the most frequent challenges we help business owners with, is ensuring their brand (offline and online) positively represents the actual experience customers have of working with them. In many cases they feel that their website, logo or visual language lets them down when it comes to providing an exceptional customer experience.

Do your customers love your brand?

Customers ultimately define what your brand is based on their experience of using your product or service. It is also shaped by the opinions of people who influence them and by what your marketing tells them about you. Do you know what your customers think of your brand today? If you’re not managing and measuring this, you are most likely leaving growth on the table. Customer experience focused companies grow faster1.

Do your people love your brand?

Talent is one of the biggest challenges facing Irish and international business leaders. 77% of business leaders find it difficult to get the talent they need2. Have you articulated a completing employer value proposition that helps candidates choose your organisation over a competitor? How strong is your brand internally? Can everyone in your organization articulate your mission? If not, how are they going to execute it?

So how much do you actually love your brand? Take our quiz at Multiply the number of ‘yes’ answers you get by 10 and that’s the % you’re in love with your brand!! Don’t leave success to chance! Develop a purposeful brand that drives growth.


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