A look back: FIFA World Cup Brand Identities

Today we are inspired by all things World Cup! And of course being the brand fanatics that we are we wanted to take some time to share some of our favourite FIFA World Cup brand identities.

Branding – A Driver of Value

Board members need to realise that brand is a company’s most important intangible asset and a major crisis to a brand can cause its value and stock price to plummet.

Your brand is full of opportunities

You don’t have to change your identity in order to revitalise your message. Your brand is full of opportunities. We love watching and working with brands that reinvent themselves. If you have a strong identity, utilise it to communicate your core message. Your brand can provide you with new directions.

The Secret to Branding Success

The concept of a brand was first used more than a century ago by US cattle ranchers. A branding iron was used to mark which animals they owned as they transported the animals across the US. A brand mark shows that a product or service comes from a specific source. It’s something entirely unique to your company.