Stripped back. Grown up. And it’s all about you!

One of the most exciting, challenging and adventurous journeys we as a team undertook this year was rebranding ourselves! Why? Ultimately the answer was we are a brand that is all about brands, our clients’ new and exciting brands that we created. Our Creative Lead Eva Shortt tells us how she curated the The Pudding’s new visual identity after some very lengthy and in-depth strategy sessions!

Ionic Consulting – Engineering A Rebrand

A Renewable Energy Engineering company looking to reposition themselves as leaders in their sector. We started the process by undergoing a brand audit followed by in depth strategy sessions. Our Creative team developed a unique Brand Identity along with both written and visual communication, website design and our developers produced their new website. Take a look!

Communicating Your Rebrand Internally

Having made the decision to rebrand and having gone through the process of looking at yourself closely in the mirror to see exactly who you are, it is fundamental that you carefully consider how best to communicate your rebrand. This is a significant moment in your brand’s journey and to ensure a smooth transition to your brand communication is key.

Investing In Google Search Ranking To Drive ROI

Want tips on how to rank higher in Google search organically? Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average and has 79.45% of the global search engine market share. So as a business for you not to invest your time, resources and budgets in Digital Marketing and (SEO) is just plain and simple madness! Let our team help you here!