The Growth of Employer Branding

Employer Branding has been around for years but in the last year this core area of branding has become one of the hottest topics around.


1. Now more than ever companies are realising that employees are as important as your customers. This for me really sums up both the importance and relevance of this ever growing business strategy.

2. Employees are less willing to work for companies with bad reputations. A good salary is important but it is not the only motivator.

3. The bottom line. Companies that do have bad reputations often have to pay higher salaries, they will have a higher staff turnover and often a lower level of productivity.

These are just three reasons why CEO’s and their teams are talking about Employer Brand in the board room. If your company does not have a clear Employer Brand Proposition – now is the time to create your proposition, make it a priority and live it. My top tip, look beyond the traditional words of integrity, respect and teamwork. Develop a proposition that truly represents the company, the people in it and what it believes in.

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