Stripped back. Grown up. And it’s all about you!

Who are we?

The Pudding are a commercial and creative brand agency. Last summer we took on a brand reset project and the client was us! This project challenged us to re-think everything! Who are we, what’s our business ambition, what client challenges do we solve and what do we want to say to the world? Things got very interesting! We ran a number of in-house strategy sessions quickly diminishing our post-it supply! The answers to these questions led us to the new brand identity you see today.

We are all about you!

We are a brand that’s all about clarity. We are a brand that’s all about consistency. We are a brand that delivers business results. We believe that the glass is always full. We are full of energy and passion. And ultimately we are a brand that’s all about brands. We explore and define brands for our clients. We ask difficult questions about business direction and strategy. We cut through the white noise to get to the very core of your brand. We then help you create, reposition or rebrand and bring your brand to life.

How do create an identity that reflects this?

These confident proclamations require an identity that portrays these characteristics. We chose a straightforward and contrasting logomark. The monochromatic logotype is inspired by the idea that we are a neutral brand – we partner with our clients, integrating our expertise into their businesses. We customise and tailor our approach to every client. We chose a black and white primary logomark to evoke the no nonsense approach we take. While we employed a minimal approach to our logotype, our supporting visual language brings our fun-loving personality to the table.

Change the game

Safe to say we have a renewed respect and empathy for our clients! The rebranding process can be daunting at times. It’s challenging and it’s bold. It forces you to look at your business through the eyes of your clients and your people. It helps set ambition and direction. And as we’ve seen for lots of our clients – going through this process can change the game for your business. Let us know what you think!

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