Your brand is full of opportunities

You don’t have to change your identity in order to revitalise your message. Your brand is full of opportunities. We love watching and working with brands that reinvent themselves. If you have a strong identity, utilise it to communicate your core message. Your brand can provide you with new directions.

A brand that has utilised this, quiet literally is McDonalds. Recently they have engaged with agencies all over the world to create minimal yet highly effective campaigns for their renowned brand. For example, they engaged with the Canadian agency, Cossette, to develop a new wayfinding system for motorways. The result was a useful and informative visual system that was also instantly recognisable as the famous golden arches. As a result, not only has McDonalds created a highly practical and flexible framework, they have also put a fresh spin on their established identity. The campaign is very easily transferable to any culture and language, therefore fulfilling the role of consistency but it has also demonstrated a fresh way of thinking towards the identity.

Take a look at how the brand was created by Cossette on the video below.


This minimalist approach can also be seen in a recent outdoor digital campaign that was run across the UK this April. The ever changing forecast provided great content for McDonalds to play with here. The campaign provided live weather updates in the form of well known McDonalds menu items. Their menu was crafted to represent a wide array of conditions that could be expected – fries became rain and their famous cheese burger became the sun for example. This campaign played into the public’s obsession with discussing weather and it utilised a changeable digital platform to its advantage.

Both of these campaigns demonstrate wit and a lightheartedness that McDonalds have strived to carve out as core to their identity. These campaigns demonstrate how a well known and established brand identity can constantly reinvent itself, without changing its logo. 



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