Inclusivity and diversity in the workplace

Inclusivity and diversity are cornerstones for creating a safe and supportive working environment. Inclusivity and diversity are issues that have been brought to the fore by social movements such as #MeToo and #BLM – era-defining, cataclysmic events which have undeniably shaped our collective identity. It is no longer enough to talk about inclusivity and diversity … Continued

‘The nexus of leadership, strategy and culture’, a conversation on brand with Paul O’Kelly, strategist, consultant and Pudding client

A conversation on the difference between brand versus reputation, the ones who are doing it right, and key learnings from 20+ years of experience Paul O’Kelly is an Irish strategic consultant and business advisor. First starting out with a career in education and Irish sports, Paul went on to build successful brands and enduring businesses, … Continued

‘Throwing the rule book out the window’, in conversation with Gillian Horan, CEO & Founder of The Pudding

In conversation with Gillian Horan, CEO and Founder of The Pudding. ‘Throwing the rule book out the window’, a conversation on imposter syndrome, doing things differently and purpose-washing.  With a research Masters in Branding and an altMBA, Gillian Horan first worked in the fields of academia and education before launching The Pudding in 2014. Today, … Continued

Brand – why it needs to be on the board agenda

Last week our Founder and CEO, Gillian Horan, presented ‘Brand – why it needs to be on the board agenda’ in association with the MBA Association of Ireland (MBAAI).  The talk explored the sheer importance of a strong brand in today’s market from a workforce, company culture and a commercial perspective. Attended by leaders from … Continued

Culture in a Post-Lockdown World

Many people have used their time during lockdown to make changes big and small to their lifestyles. Others are reassessing the way they live, their sense of purpose and what really matters to them in life. As many workforces go remote and the boundaries blur ever more between our personal and work lives, employers will … Continued

Building Purpose with Gender Equality

We recently looked at how leadership can build a purpose-driven environment. This week we want to focus on how leaders have an opportunity to demonstrate a sense of purpose through gender equality. Gender equality refers to when people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities – women, men, trans and gender diverse people, … Continued

Leading with Purpose

How brands respond in times of difficulty can make or break their business. As we emerge from some of the most challenging months we’ve ever faced in business, the world has changed. People have had time to re-evaluate what they really value and we’ve seen this translate to consumer, employee and personal behaviours. When it … Continued

The Post-Pandemic Workplace

In May of this year, The Pudding completed a number of consumer insight surveys to assess business sentiment around the particular challenges faced by companies as a result of Covid-19. We asked CEOs, HR Directors, Marketing Directors and small businesses owners a range of questions around their current view of the situation and their outlook … Continued

Cautious Optimism for Small Businesses

In the last instalment of our Insights series we focus on the view for small businesses post-Covid. Our survey group of small business owners showcases a slightly different view compared to corporates. Small businesses, most operating with far smaller margins than corporates, have unique challenges in this environment. However, with an entrepreneurial mindset and strong … Continued