The Client Chronicles: Mark Flood, Renatus

“The Pudding definitely takes the time to understand the business first, which isn’t always the way. Getting underneath the skin of the business and understanding its drivers gives The Pudding a chance to really nail the brief, and that’s what they do.” A conversation with Mark Flood, Director, Renatus Capital Partners. In this instalment of … Continued

The power of brand differentiation: How to make your brand stand out

As the inside out consultants, we approach brand from the core: its people. From there, we work outwards – to strategy and creative, measurement and management – to ensure that brands are living their purpose, delivering unique selling points and are standing out in a crowded marketplace. This is the power of brand differentiation. Brand … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Gillian Pierce, Carton House

“Through our brand work with The Pudding, we succeeded in repositioning the mindsets of our team and the mindset of those considering the brand.” A conversation with Gillian Pierce, Director of Marketing at Carton House. Today with sat down (virtually) with Gillian Pierce, Director of Marketing at Carton House and client of The Pudding. Having … Continued

5 key ways your brand brings value to your business

It is safe to say that gone are the days where the term ‘brand’ is solely associated with a logo alone. Saying that, there are still extensive misconceptions around just how important brand is on the board agenda. Here are five key ways your brand brings value to your business. Since The Pudding was founded … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Darren O’Dwyer, WP Engine

“For our employer branding campaign, The Pudding overachieved. The end result was not just unbelievable assets for the recruitment drive, but instead, a campaign that we can use going forward for international marketing, now and into the future.” A conversation with Darren O’Dwyer, Lead Talent Advisor EMEA at WP Engine. Today we got a chance … Continued

Aligning employer branding with company purpose 

Employer branding and company purpose: two key areas covered in any robust business strategy. When combined, they can be the catalyst for great success internally and externally. Here’s why aligning your employer branding with your company purpose is no longer an option, but instead a necessity.  Never before has employer branding been such a talk … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Stephen O’Flaherty, BDO Ireland

“BDO Ireland’s core purpose statement is ‘we advise and challenge because we are passionate about your [our clients’] success’, and I felt that same commitment came from The Pudding.” A conversation with Stephen O’Flaherty, Partner Corporate Finance at BDO Ireland, and client of The Pudding.  Today we sat down with Stephen O’Flaherty, Corporate Finance & … Continued

Building your brand from the inside out

At The Pudding, we specialise in inside out branding: the practice of realising a brand’s potential in every component of its DNA – be it talent acquisition or company culture, brand messaging or design, customer service or user experience.  Brands today consist of so much more than singular elements working with tunnel vision. Whereas once, … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Dara Cruise, Midlands Park Hotel

“‘The Joy Of’ has been a wonderful piece of work, and we’ve seen excellent results from it. Our July revenues were fantastic, and all of the milestones we wanted to hit, we hit them beyond our expectations”. Today we sat down with Dara Cruise, General Manager of Midlands Park Hotel and client of The Pudding, … Continued

The importance of employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is one of the most valuable tools any business has in its arsenal. It is not something that can be bought; it comes from businesses that live their purpose from the inside out and nurture inclusive and dynamic workplaces and company cultures. Employee advocacy is a major talk topic in today’s marketplace. Many … Continued