Aligning employer branding with company purpose 

Employer branding and company purpose: two key areas covered in any robust business strategy. When combined, they can be the catalyst for great success internally and externally. Here’s why aligning your employer branding with your company purpose is no longer an option, but instead a necessity.  Never before has employer branding been such a talk … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Stephen O’Flaherty, BDO Ireland

“BDO Ireland’s core purpose statement is ‘we advise and challenge because we are passionate about your [our clients’] success’, and I felt that same commitment came from The Pudding.” A conversation with Stephen O’Flaherty, Partner Corporate Finance at BDO Ireland, and client of The Pudding.  Today we sat down with Stephen O’Flaherty, Corporate Finance & … Continued

Building your brand from the inside out

At The Pudding, we specialise in inside out branding: the practice of realising a brand’s potential in every component of its DNA – be it talent acquisition or company culture, brand messaging or design, customer service or user experience.  Brands today consist of so much more than singular elements working with tunnel vision. Whereas once, … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Dara Cruise, Midlands Park Hotel

“‘The Joy Of’ has been a wonderful piece of work, and we’ve seen excellent results from it. Our July revenues were fantastic, and all of the milestones we wanted to hit, we hit them beyond our expectations”. Today we sat down with Dara Cruise, General Manager of Midlands Park Hotel and client of The Pudding, … Continued

The importance of employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is one of the most valuable tools any business has in its arsenal. It is not something that can be bought; it comes from businesses that live their purpose from the inside out and nurture inclusive and dynamic workplaces and company cultures. Employee advocacy is a major talk topic in today’s marketplace. Many … Continued

Inclusivity and diversity in the workplace

Inclusivity and diversity are cornerstones for creating a safe and supportive working environment. Inclusivity and diversity are issues that have been brought to the fore by social movements such as #MeToo and #BLM – era-defining, cataclysmic events which have undeniably shaped our collective identity. It is no longer enough to talk about inclusivity and diversity … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Paul O’Kelly, consultant & strategist

A conversation on the difference between brand versus reputation, the ones who are doing it right, and key learnings from 20+ years of experience Paul O’Kelly is an Irish strategic consultant and business advisor. First starting out with a career in education and Irish sports, Paul went on to build successful brands and enduring businesses, … Continued

‘Throwing the rule book out the window’, in conversation with Gillian Horan, CEO & Founder of The Pudding

In conversation with Gillian Horan, CEO and Founder of The Pudding. ‘Throwing the rule book out the window’, a conversation on imposter syndrome, doing things differently and purpose-washing.  With a research Masters in Branding and an altMBA, Gillian Horan first worked in the fields of academia and education before launching The Pudding in 2014. Today, … Continued

Brand – why it needs to be on the board agenda

Last week our Founder and CEO, Gillian Horan, presented ‘Brand – why it needs to be on the board agenda’ in association with the MBA Association of Ireland (MBAAI).  The talk explored the sheer importance of a strong brand in today’s market from a workforce, company culture and a commercial perspective. Attended by leaders from … Continued

Culture in a Post-Lockdown World

Many people have used their time during lockdown to make changes big and small to their lifestyles. Others are reassessing the way they live, their sense of purpose and what really matters to them in life. As many workforces go remote and the boundaries blur ever more between our personal and work lives, employers will … Continued