Communicating Your Rebrand Internally

Having made the decision to rebrand and having gone through the process of looking at yourself closely in the mirror to see exactly who you are, it is fundamental that you carefully consider how best to communicate your rebrand. This is a significant moment in your brand’s journey and to ensure a smooth transition to your brand communication is key.

To ensure you tell the world about the rebrand it must be communicated internally and externally. To ensure buy in internally and to achieve a trouble free rebrand process ensure that details are communicated to all employees. It is impossible to please everyone but at this important stage for the brand it’s important that all team members are on board.

While many have been part of the rebrand process it is important that all employees understand the new brand and how it will be applied across all touchpoints. If your employees were part of the rebrand process this is likely to make the launch of the rebrand process easier for them. Keeping people informed will also help prevent any negativity there might be around the rebrand.

Host an event internally to mark the launch of the rebrand.  This will ensure that everyone is part of the journey. This will build momentum and excitement and will make every employee feel part of the rebrand.

Make your brand guidelines available to allow staff to fully understand the full extent of the rebrand. Assign responsibility of brand guardian to a team member who will ensure the brand is used correctly and consistently. Key to communicating the rebrand externally and to the rest of the world will be their clear understanding of it. To effectively ensure the brand is implemented as consistently as possible it’s best to provide training to all staff.  There’s no point in getting in your team to tell the world about the rebrand if it doesn’t really mean anything to them.

Stakeholders are key. To ensure that you inform all stakeholders create a list of who needs to be told before the general public. Decide the best way to communicate each stakeholder depending on their significance e.g. phone call, email, newsletter.

Having effectively communicated the rebrand internally the big task on hand is to tell the rest of the world about it. This we will cover in the coming weeks. In the meantime think about how to tell your rebrand story in a way that will engage your audience. What’s the value of your rebrand to your audience, be it customers or stakeholders?