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eurÓg is Ireland’s first and only youth centre to be certified by the Council of Europe. Based in Killarney, Co Kerry, eurÓg operates from the Kerry Branch of Youth Work Ireland. The challenge for this project was to create an identity that reflects the multifaceted and participatory nature of the organisation. eurÓg is a youth led initiative that empowers young people through co-designing the organisations offerings and services. eurÓg also provides accommodation, office spaces, information and facilities to the wider community as well as links to the Council of Europe that offer learning opportunities within the EU. The design intent was to create an identity that is positive and energetic and most importantly emanates individuality. The identity also needed to demonstrate how many different things happened with the centre.

The approach to this design was influenced by the fact that eurÓg is a youth led, participatory based organisation. The solution was created by cutting letters out of paper and arranging them in different ways until we arrived at a solution which is youthful, personable and unique.

We chose to emphasise the Ó in eurÓg in order to highlight the Irish and youth aspect of the centre but it was also utlised as a vehicle through which other elements are contained, reflecting the centre itself. The master logo features a layered variety of irregular circular shapes within the Ó, representing the concept that all individuals are welcome to eurÓg and that the centre is inclusive, providing the opportunity for all to participate. This organisation wanted to clearly communicate that individuals are unique, that no one person is the same and that everyone has a place in eurÓg.

The logo for eurÓg is flexible and it contains elements which can be expanded upon, for example, the circular shapes create patterns while the Ó acts as an icon for the identity. Through animation, the core concept of the identity also comes to life.

eurÓg required an identity that was as multifaceted as the centre itself. The core messages of inclusion and participation have been developed through a flexible logo design. The paper cut design aesthetic has provided scope for expansion within the centre aswell, it encourages people to get involved with the identity and create their own version of it. In itself the identity encapsulates the ethos of the eurÓg and provides a platform that can be developed in the future.