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Fenero are a leading Personal Tax Company in Ireland, specialising in Contractor Solutions and income tax services. They came to The Pudding to review their brand from multiple angles. Fenero already had a great internal brand culture. They are a company that focuses on people (partners, clients and the Fenero team) and the well-being of these people. They wanted to review their brand and how they could communicate all of this better to the world, to have a brand that represented both their high level of expertise and their brand culture. The Pudding furthered developed the Fenero brand strategy and with this created a new brand identity.

We are delighted to have worked with the Fenero team on their rebrand. And when we say team, we really mean team. Fenero are without a doubt tax experts leading the way in their industry, but they also deliver more than expertise. Through the rebrand process the Fenero team audited their brand and realised they do not communicate fully to the world the great things they are doing. The Pudding assisted them in grounding their brand strategy, developing and designing a brand identity that truly reflects who they are and by further cementing their brand culture.

The core values of Fenero are – approachable, transparent, friendly, value focused, ethical, and wellness centred. Their traits include: friendly, innovative, youthful, helpful, sincere and Irish. We wanted to really symbolise the approachability of Fenero while highlighting the absolute expertise they offer in all that they do. The icon emanates the friendly youthful side of Fenero while the typography is simple and clear communicating the way they deliver their tax services.

We partnered with Fenero to activate their new brand identity rolling out a full brand management project. This involved a number of elements for Fenero. We designed and developed a brand book which outlines all of Fenero’s new brand guidelines so that they always have clarity and consistency with their brand. We created new designs for all of Fenero’s marketing and communication materials, both online and offline. We held brand training sessions with all of the Fenero team, which helped motivate the whole team to communicate and live the brand in the right way. We also designed and developed a new website for Fenero. The new website is a great showcase for the Fenero brand, showing their fantastic brand culture and their expertise in one clear and user friendly site.

The result: a brand that not only lives their fantastic culture daily but can now communicate it to the world.

“Our work with The Pudding is providing a great base for us in bringing our business to the next level. It will be invaluable to our business as we continue to grow. We had high expectations at the start of the project based on The Pudding’s reputation. These were exceeded. The team helped us get focus, clarity and consistency on communicating who we are and what we stand for internally and externally.” – Sinead Doherty, CEO Fenero

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