Tech: Brand Spotlight

As we begin working from home en masse, moving our education systems onto online platforms and doing even more shopping online, technology is one of the crucial sectors that continues to empower economies and society worldwide during this pandemic.

Pharmaceutical: Brand Spotlight

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause disruption around the world, pharma is one industry where healthcare and business interests intersect. The response shows a sector rising to the challenge of COVID-19. 

Managing your brand communications through Covid-19

How brands act and communicate with their audiences now will be a strong predictor of how they will perform post-COVID. Many brands might be unsure how they can - or if they should - join the conversation.  


How is the hospitality and leisure sector responding to Covid-19? As the world deals with an almost unprecedented public health crisis, the business world is also implementing measures to mitigate its effects. The impact of the coronavirus will be felt by all sectors, but not all in the same way. Industries are increasingly thinking differently about their businesses and developing new ways to respond.