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Travelwin Group is an entrepreneurial company that builds exciting new travel technology brands within its group. At the core of Travelwin is an objective to make the international travellers journey easier and more productive. Each of its sub brands address a pain point for the international traveller and Travelwin strive to identify and address these issues. These brands appear exactly where the wants and needs of the traveller arise. No matter what these brands sell, their true product is always speed and ease. Travelwin bring innovative technology and agile thinking to every journey. With the rapid expansion of its multiple brands; Sim Local, Brandbox, Uni-Fi Global and Vatback, Travelwin identified the need to address its brand architecture as well as its brand message and identity.

In developing a new umbrella brand The Pudding enabled Travelwin to adapt the strategic direction for each business unit. We created a brand identity which is inspired by movement. This is a particular type of movement however, it is direct, smooth and uninhibited. This swift aesthetic mirrors the services provided by the brands of Travelwin as well as the group’s internal culture and ethos. Travelwin embodies an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit that is constantly striving to develop the next cutting edge brand that will make the international traveller’s journey even smoother. This design concept puts forward a dynamic and powerful identity which would exist as a modern and recognisable brand mark that is both flexible and consistent. The brand identity adapts for all mediums, ever evolving with the company, locations and services that it provides.

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